JMA Collision Center
190 Ragers Hill Road * South Fork, PA 15956
505 Somerset Street * Johnstown, PA 15901

Our Equipment

ALUSPOT Aluminum Repair Station
    The Aluspot Aluminum Repair Station allows us to start working on what use to be very difficult aluminum repairs. Also by repairing aluminum parts now instead of replacing them, it helps us keep repair costs down for our customers and their insurers.  The five steps for aluminum repair are covered by the tools included in this set: expose the bare aluminum, apply heat, weld pins, pull the dent and shape the dent. Unique features to this fully equipped tool system include a ground located at the weld point, and complete tool isolation, to ensure protection against outside contaminants.

 Pro Spot i5 SMART Spot Welder   
    Pro Spot's i5 SMART Spot Welder is capable of delivering over 13,000A with over 1,000 lbs of squeeze pressure. The i5 is designed to handle all the new ultra high strength steels including Boron, etc. Based on the thickness and resistance feedback information the i5 automatically delivers the correct weld power every time regardless of type of metal, thickness or corrosion protection between the metals.

Chief S21 Frame Machine and Velocity Measuring System
    Chief is the most trusted and largest name in frame pulling and measuring. The S21 has three pulling towers capable of applying thirty tons of pulling force, giving it the ability to pull the largest truck frames with ease. Velocity is a laser frame measuring system. It measures your car's frame, or unibody structure, by shooting lasers to targets suspended from points under your car. The data is then sent to the computer and displayed on a screen to be analyzed by our factory trained technicians. This system is the most precise way to get your car back to exact factory specifications.

Global Finishing Solutions Ultra Plus One Spray Booth
    The Ultra Plus One® is the industries most advanced spray booth with advancements far above other booths. It is capable of painting water borne paint with a 1.5 million btu baking oven and 20,000 cfm of airflow. It also has the largest cabin with the ability to fit the largest four door pickup trucks and produce flawless paint jobs guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle. 

Hunter HawkEye High-Definition Alignment System
    The Hunter HawkEye High-Definition Alignment System uses four lazer units to measure the position of a target mounted to each wheel. Each alignment is based off of the factory specifications for each particular year, make and model. The system is very accurate, allowing for perfect alignments in a short amount of time. The HawkEye also provides colored specs of before and after the alignment is completed, showing everywhere that there was a problem. The Hunter Engineering Company is the most trusted in undercar service equipment.

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